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Hi everyone.  Since turning vegan I've been on the hunt for makeup, skincare and hair products that are cruelty free and contain no animal-derived ingredients.  As I am a student and on a bit of a tight budget, this has proven a little tricky for skincare and hair products, as most pharmacies or drugstores tend to stock brands that support animal testing such as Garnier, Neutrogena, L'oreal and Tresemme.  However, only recently did I find that the Boots Botanics range is cruelty free and suitable for vegans.  Upon learning this I headed to their website and to my delight found that the already quite affordable range had many of their products almost half price.  I ran to my nearest Boots and picked up seven products from the All Bright Botanics range for only €3.50 each.  Needless to say, I was pretty chuffed with my bargains and couldn't wait to get home and try them out.
All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution, rrp €6.49
The first thing I did was take off my makeup using the micellar water.  I soaked two cotton pads (mine are €1.15 from Aldi) in the solution and swept this across my face, being careful around the eye area.  This was very effective at removing the bulk of my makeup and was far superior to my last micellar water by Soap and Glory.

All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash, rrp €5.99
Next, using this silicone cleansing pad thing I got from Penneys/Primark for €1, I massaged the cleanser into my wet skin in a circular motion.  This cleanser did the job and left my skin feeling squeaky clean.

All Bright Purifying Face Scrub, rrp €5.99
I squirted some of the facial scrub into my hand and massaged it in the same way into my skin, especially around the T-zone area.  What's great about this scrub is that crushed apricot seeds are used as the exfoliant, as opposed to harmful microbeads.  I tend to use exfoliators like these about 2/3 times per week, as any more would be irritating to the skin.  This scrub definitely did the job in ridding my skin of dead skin cells and leaving it super smooth to touch.
All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum, rrp €5.99

After patting my skin dry with a clean face cloth, I added 3 drops of the facial serum to the palm of my hand and gently worked it into my skin.  I've actually used this product before, a couple of years ago and really liked it.  To be honest, I'm not quite sure how much it actually does but it definitely does leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated and radiant.  

All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15, rrp €6.99
Depending on the time of day, I apply either the day or night cream to my face and neck.  The day cream contains SPF 15 which isn't very high, especially if you are as pale as I am, but it's better than none at all.  Both creams have a similar mild scent and the night cream is just a little heavier.  They both left my skin feeling really soft, smooth and hydrated.

All Bright Hydrating Night Cream, rrp €6.99
Overall, I would really recommend this range, particularly to those on a budget as the price is really quite hard to beat, especially for a cruelty free, vegan and natural range.  If you're thinking of investing, be sure to wait until Boots have an offer on and pick up a loyalty card while you're at it to save yourselves some €€€ on future purchases.  On top of that, if you have a valid student leap card, you're also able to grab another 10% off wahoo. 

Love, E x

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  1. I already use the botanics range as it seems to be one of the only things my sensitive skin won't react to! so lovely to know it's cruelty free too! x

  2. Glad you love it too! So nice finding good quality, affordable & effective products that are cruelty free xx